Homework 13th September, 2019

Dear Sixth Graders,
Welcome to the Grade Six blog. For this week’s homework, we’d like you to answer the following question by commenting on the blog:

How did  you spend your summer break? Did you just do holiday homework or did  you find time to travel, read and enjoy your holidays with your family?

Many thanks,

The Intricate Grade Six Teachers

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  1. Dear Miss Yiu,

    In this Summer Holiday, I had a lot of fun and I feel satisfied.

    In July I read some fantasy books like Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings for holiday homework. I spent a month for reading all the books, all these books are very interesting.

    Then in the middle of July, I started practicing for the Lego Robotics Competition that will hold in September. Every night, me and my dad learn how to program the Lego car for competition until 11:00 pm. We are exhausted for solving difficult problems, but I will always think “If I win the competition I can go to Hungary for final competition and my friends and family will be happy.” So that I will keep on practicing for it.

    In August, I also had great memories. First I got a chance to play in a friendly match for my soccer team, and I even be selected to be the Captain in the match. I was very nervous in the first few minutes of the game, but I told myself that I could be the best, then I scored the first goal in the match and encouraged my team to win the soccer match. By the end of the game I celebrated with my teammates for the great soccer match.

    At the end of the summer holiday, I also went to my best friend – Sze Long’s home for playing and sleep over, our another friend Leon joined us also. We had played a popular game in 2019 called – The Werewolves. After we explained the game rules to our parents, they joined us to play the game. We were very entertaining for playing this game. At night we had a delicious dinner in Sze long’s home and we watched a soccer match at 10:00 pm.

    What a wonderful and valuable summer holiday!


  2. My Summer Holiday
    In this summer holiday, I went to Thailand!
    At the beginning of the holiday, I tried my best to finish the homework as fast as I can, so I can have more time to play After I finished my homework, I read books, play games and watch tv. . I also watched many movies during this holiday, for example Lion King… But something I am waiting, is the trip to Thailand!
    The day before the trip, I was really exciting, and I almost can’t sleep! But I was to sleepy so I slept very fast. I woke up at 4:00 a.m., I changed my clothes quickly and brushed my teeth quickly, then, we double checked the luggage to confirm we didn’t forget to bring anything.
    After spending 3 hours on the plane, we arrived Bangkok! First, we went to the hotel and check in, then, we started to play! We went to many attractions, it was fun. For dinner, we went to the market to eat, there were a lot of food and I am full!
    The second day, we also went to many amazing attractions.
    The third day, we went to Hua Hin and we went shopping and bought many souvenirs.
    The fourth day, we spent the whole day in the water park and the slides their was awesome!
    At last, we leaved Thailand, the whole trip was amazing, I wish that I could go there again!
    Cody 6D(5)


  3. Dear Mrs. Pradhan,

    I had a wonderful summer holiday! Me and my family went to Okinawa for six days. We went to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium which was one of the most popular aquarium in Japan. We saw dolphin show, whale shark and many others. Whale shark was one of the biggest fish in the word. I had also seen shark feeding show. It was very impressive.

    Next, we went to American Village. It is a big outdoor mall with American style shops. There also had a lot of local food, like sushi…… I went to Aeon mall to shopping. When I first entered the mall, I was shocked, it was so big. In American Village, there had a large Ferris Wheel. We also went to the Sunset beach. The sea was clear and the swimming area was quite deep. Sunset beach was a good spot for watching sunset.

    I love going to Okinawa. Okinawa’s food is delicious. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is my favorite activity. Although the weather is not too good, but staying with my family is the treasure. I enjoy the trip to Okinawa. I also enjoy my summer holiday.

    Elsa Liu


  4. Dear Ms.Kum,
    You will never guess where I went on this holiday! It was my dream come true, I really went to LA California!
    There are many reasons why I was so thrilled when I went there. First, I get to see my relatives who were living there. Including my little cousins ( cause I’m the biggest ) which I only saw them 3 times!!!
    The second reason is that I adore food and bags and thing that is in HK. Of course, when my shoe touched the heated floor, my mind went insane as I ran around the airport. But… I got scolded.
    At last, I get to go to many theme parks. For example, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studio, and Disney. To be honest, they were much better than HK, because personally, I think rollercoasters are the best things in the theme parks. And there are so many extreme ones all around the huge park.
    Well, everyone 🙂 how is your holiday? I hope it’s as genuine as my trip, and if you are going to LA, I have one tip for you, remember to bring a jacket, because it is not as hot as you would have thought, and it’s really cold at night!


  5. Dear Miss Carmen,

    I had a wonderful and fruitful summer holiday.

    This summer, my family and I went to Taipei and Yilan for six days. At first, we stayed in Yilan for two days. The first day, we arrived at the airport in the evening, we felt exhausted, so we had a simple dinner at night. The next day, we woke up early, and went hiking in the mountain near by. The mountain had three waterfalls, each waterfalls were at the different height of the mountain, we went up to the first two waterfalls, the scenery was magnificent, but unfortunately, we couldn’t went to the highest waterfall, due to safety reason, so we must needed to head back to the bottom of the mountain.

    The next four days, we stayed in Taipei city. The day after we arrived Taipei city, we went to the Taipei zoo. We saw many different species of animals. The zoo divided into different zones, for example, panda house, rainforest, marine zone, etc. In my opinion, my favourite animal was apes, because it made me recalled a movie called“ The planet of the apes” They were wise, also curious, they loved to discover fresh things. After that, we took a ride of the Maokong Gondola to the top of the mountain. We took a crystal cabin gondola and got a splendid views of the city.

    The food in Taipei was another reason that made this trip memorable


    1. The food in Taipei was another reason that made this trip memorable. We had hotpot, beef noodle, Taiwan street food, etc. It was a great variety of choice and the price of the food was much cheaper than Hong Kong.

      It was a unforgettable experience at Taipei, if you had a chance to go there, I strongly recommend you to spend more days and explore more things that only Taipei had.
      Your sincerely,
      Jason Chow


  6. Dear miss Yiu,
    In this summer holiday, it was a busy yet fruitful holiday. I did lots of holiday homework everyday and read a few English readings. I also spared some time to play with my brother. We played video games together and had a lot of fun.

    The most memorable part of my summer holiday was our family’s annual overseas trip. We went to Pattaya, Thailand on the first day of summer holiday. It was a relaxing journey and I enjoyed it so much. Pattaya is well known for its beach, sunshine and friendly locals. We always went to the Easy Kart which was a place to have a car race.It was fun and I was the fastest of the whole race!

    As a Marvel fan, I bought lots of Marvel action figures in this summer break. My mother promised she would buy them for me as a present if I performed well in my year end examinations. I therefore studied hard and mother was pleased with my results. It took me several days to go to different stores to compare the models and price, but in the end , I bought what I wanted. I got the unstoppable Juggernaut, hydro man and my favourite venom.

    This was an unforgettable summer holiday. I had learnt a lot and at the same time, enjoyed my holiday to the fullest!

    Jayden Tin 6B 26


  7. Dear Ms Kum,

    I had many activities last summer, including fencing, science etc. I did went to Okinawa with my friend Tony and our parents, it was so much fun. I experienced sea walking and parachute there. When parachute was a bit high, but I think is very exciting and fun. The sea walking was the best experience there, I saw different type of sea animals! The food was also amazing, we had pork, beef, sushi etc.

    Last summer, I also spend some time on HW, I did some of my homework on early August, the homework I’ve done are very easy, I just had to read books, do a writing and 2 pre S1. I also spend a lot of time playing video games in summer, I played mostly fortnite and roblox with my friends and we got better in fortnite.

    That was the last summer for primary school, next summer would be before grade 7.

    Aiden 6c 10


    1. Dear Ms Kum,

      I had many activities last summer, including fencing, science etc. I did went to Okinawa with my friend Tony and our parents, it was so much fun. I experienced sea walking and parachute there. When parachute was a bit high, but I think is very exciting and fun. The sea walking was the best experience there, I saw different type of sea animals! The food was also amazing, we had pork, beef, sushi etc.

      Last summer, I also spend some time on HW, I did some of my homework on early August, the homework I’ve done are very easy, I just had to read books, do a writing and 2 pre S1. I also spend a lot of time playing video games in summer, I played mostly fortnite and roblox with my friends and we got better in fortnite.

      That was the last summer for primary school, next summer would be before grade 7.

      Aiden 6c 10


  8. Dear Ms. Kum,
    In my relaxing and fantastic summer holiday, I have managed my time in a very free way, it included working on the summer holiday homework, playing games, watching TV and traveling.Most of the time I am staying at home!
    During the first week of the summer I have been doing my homework and reading different kinds of book.Every weeks I will call my friends and play online games together like Pubg and brawl star. Every week My dad and I will spend two to three day for swimming together, and I will spend some time to play the tournement in FIFA19 every day.
    In the middle of August I have travel to Okinawa with my family, in the trip the most enjoyable part was the food that I ate, it was very delicious. I have ate the Argu Pig and the Ishigaki Beef Shabu-Suki, all of it was beautiful and delicious!But the weather is bad at the day that we have decided to snorkeling. But on this trip it changed me from a man that hates shopping become like shopping, also I have bought a lot of things like the shoes, T- Shirt, sports shorts etc…
    It was a wonderful Summer!
    Kaven Ng 6c(21)


  9. Dear Miss Kum ,

    During the summer break , I had a lot of fun such as going to a trip to Hua Hin in Thailand , sleepover with my cousin , watching a movie with my friends … but of course I also did my holiday homework !

    I went to Hua Hin in Thailand with my family for 6 days , and it was fabulous ! We played many exciting things , played the water park ,
    ate many local street food , going to the night market and many more ! I would like to talk about the water park , it takes about 20 minutes to there from the resort. We played many water slides and play water games ! It was quite exhausting after we played for 3 hours , even though we put in the sunblock before we played, we also got sunburned ! It was unforgettable !

    It was also a delightful time spending with my cousin ! My cousin went to my home to play and sleepover with me for 5 days at the beginning of the summer break ! We played lots of things but the most unforgettable thing was at night , we secretly play and chat while everybody at home were asleep , and it was exciting!

    Last but not least I also hang out with my friends, including Charlotte , Vanessa , Madeleine and Anna ! We went to New Town Plaza and watch a movie and that was Toy Story 4! We also had a great time hanging out together!

    It was a delightful and fantastic summer break , hope to have a fun summer next year with my family and friends!

    Student ,
    Janice Law 6C (15)


  10. In this summer break, I have done a lot of fun things that I will never forget.
    In July, I was featured in the Hong Kong Ballet ” Peter Pan” Although the rehearsal times were 1-6 in the afternoon and almost everyday, the hard work definitely paid off. I was in 6 shows of Peter Pan, 6 shows I will never forget. Apart from dancing, I also done a lot of other extremely fun activities. Me and my family went to a beach near our home to play a exciting treasure hunt. Believe it or not, my dad actually got back cramps from bending down to search for clues!
    In August, I spent some time doing homework, reading, and drawing. I also went to a amusing baking convention in Po Lam since my mom wanted to do something outside the box. I was in a lot of other exciting activities, that are way too much to count. After a few weeks of activities, I got an email saying that I was entered to participate in the Hysan Palace for the Peter Pan Fun Day! We rehearsed a bit more in the following days, and it was show day. I still remember me and my dance friends sweating like we were in Africa with no air conditioning. We took pictures with really random people, then we were dismissed. There were only a few days left of the holiday, so my dad arranged a surprise trip to Discovery Bay! We went swimming and going to a place called ” Epicland” One hilarious moment that is hard to forget, was when we played a “Air-Trek”– a tight rope walking lesson above the ground ( near the ceiling), and my dad was so scared, he needed BOTH the teachers to help him go through the first three rounds. He looked like he was going to wet his pants! Then, he eventually quitted. We also done a lot of photo taking and surfing near the beach in Discovery Cove.
    Though we did not travel anywhere out of Hong Kong, this past summer break was very memorable to me. I never thought I would take a trip to Neverland, go surfing and much more. I will never forget this wonderful holiday.


  11. Dear Mrs. Pradhan,
    I had a wonderful summer holiday this year.
    I went to Osaka on the first few days of the holiday for six days. It was amazing! But unfortunately, I was sick on the first day of the trip, so I miss many spots and activities. I recovered on the fifth day of the trip, and on that day, we were going to an amusement park. I went on the roller coaster named “Red Falcon” many times. The ride was cool and thrilling! Even my sister, who is afraid of roller coasters, went on the ride with me too!
    I went to school a bit more early than other students in our school, because I need to have extra lessons for the Lego Robotics competition. We were preparing for the WRO robot competition held on the 28th of September. My friend Alex was participating in this competition too!
    The most exciting part of my summer holiday was my two best friends, Alex and Leon, came to my house and sleepover! This was the first time that somebody came to my house and sleepover! We played a lot of games together, such as the popular game in our school last year called “The Werewolves”. We played a lot of rounds together. After that, we also went swimming together. We played tag at the swimming pool and I caught Leon and Alex many time!
    It is the best summer holiday I had in my life. (Actually, every summer holiday is fun.)
    Yours Sincerely,
    Sze Long
    15th, September,2019


  12. Dear Mrs Pradhan,

    My summer was quite busy more than relaxing, you might think if I went to vacation to other places it would be fun, but no! I went to Thailand just because of more badminton training (at least I still got my friends to accompany me).

    My first day at Thailand was a little bit fun just because of the airplane’s chocolate and the movies you could watch while flying. When we landed, we were forced to leave our parents and head to my least favorite badminton school BangThongYord, it is simply a school with rooms (no hotels), a few tables for meals, and two big courts for badminton. Anyways it was night time so I have go to shower, brush my teeth and go to sleep with my roommate and wait for my other roommate to arrive so we don’t need to be so lonely.

    The next following days were just some boring badminton training. Morning physical fitness, afternoon rest, night time badminton training, but one afternoon something funny happened, we all were hungry because the tour guide forgot to tell the lunch ladies to make us lunch, so we decided to go to seven eleven and buy something to eat. All of my friends went for the noodles, but me and my sister bought sandwiches. While everybody was adding seasoning my dear friend added everything and was ahead of all of us, we ate our noodles except for my roommate who added everything to his noodles, he drank a whole bottle of milk and he said only one word while breathing hardly, “Spicy!” We all laughed at him and joked about buying all the spicy stuff including the noodles he was eating. After that day we all decided to prank his food by adding a lot of spicy sauce.

    When I got back to Hong Kong the days were slightly relaxing, but same by playing badminton every day, except I read a few books that I found it interesting. And that was all I did in the summer.

    Your student
    Lewis So 6C 24


  13. Dear Miss Carmen,

    I had a delighted and wonderful holiday.

    I did not go on any trip but I played with classmates and buy some things a like.

    At about the end of July, I, Matt and Hoi Lam went to Dragon Center to buy things, skating and play in Jumpin Gym U.S.A., I use $100 to change the token play the various game that was extremely fun, we can play Push Coin, Throwing Token and more. Unfortunately, my clip doll skills are not good, I just got 1 doll that was a summer minion doll.

    I buy something I really like that was Taylor Swift’s new album called Lover. It was a gorgeous album, the cost was $ 370, it was expensive for me, but my parents reward me, I have improved in the last semester, so they give me the Lover album. I am very happy, inside the album had CD, 2 songwriting voice memos, tote bag , phone stand ,4 art cards, tattoo sheet, and a colorful rainbow laser bag.

    It was the best and unforgettable holiday in my life.


  14. In this wonderful summer holiday, I had great fun on my summer holiday.
    On my first month of the summer holiday, I do my best to do my holiday homework. After the whole month, I finally finish all my homework.
    When I finish my homework, I played with my sister Kitty, watched TV, played poker, played UNO, played mahjong…
    I am waiting for a trip so long time, I am very happy and exciting. The next day will be the first day of the trip. We went to Guangzhou!
    After the day, We wake up early in the morning, we wake up at 6:00. It was so early, I am very sleepy at that time. We went to Lok Ma Chau at first, and we need to ride a train to Guangzhou, total 2 hours, so will bought so snacks to the train, after 5 minutes, the train opened, we find our seats to seat on it, it was my first time to ride this comfortable train, during the train was walking, we eat the snacks that we bought just now, and my sister and me was playing the phone app mahjong, it was so easy to play, but I didn’t win once time.
    After 2 hours, the train was at Guangzhou, I was very happy to arrive there, it was my first time to go to Guangzhou, first, we went to the Guangzhou MTR station, and I saw Guangzhou MTR have a station called “Zoo” it was so funny, and there have many security guards were standing in each station. And we need to remove our bags and give the bags to check.
    When we arrive at our hotel, the room was beautiful, it was nice, the bed was so comfortable, the room was also so big, we can see the swimming pool too! We swim for 2-3 hours. After swimming, it was night time, we ate delicious dinner. It is meat and vegetables. After finish dinner, we sleep.
    After the first day, we went to spring mall, summer mall, autumn mall and winter mall. But there is nothing good to see. After shopping, is time for eating lunch, we eat so yummy foods, such as yummy chicken, tasty vegetables… After lunch, it’s time to go back to Hong Kong, we ride the train back to Hong Kong.
    Amy 6D(1)


  15. My Summer Holiday

    At my Summer Holiday, I do a lot of things in there, first nine days, I am still at home and visiting my grandpa’s home, But at the tenth day, I go to Guan Zho and play, I enjoy so much in there, At the first day, I go to the park and is only $99 dollar at night, The second day, I go to the water park, It very fun there, And the third day, we go to pay snow. And after another 10 Days, I go to the summer camp with my sister And is 11 Days 10 night, we just miss our mom and dad, after that, we go to the ferry and play for three days and two nights, there have water park, VR, mini sports center and many other things, we are very happy in there, at last, my summer holiday is finish.


  16. Dear Ms Yiu,
    During my summer holiday, it is a very busy holiday.

    I spend most of my holiday time on classes, I only got a little time to have fun, for example, I can go the public clove house at eight o’clock. In this holiday, my sister’s boyfriend came from London to Hong Kong, he is called Hakan, one day they are going to Disney Land and I asked if I can go or not, my sister said yes(how luck was that). I’ve been to Disney Land many times before when I was little, but there are new things in Disney Land, so we go there and play. In the holiday I can also learn English with Hakan.

    The lessons that I have are Chince, English and Math, even thought that this holiday is a very busy holiday, maybe the is not a perfect, but it is still a nice summer holiday, I still enjoy this holiday.


  17. Dear Ms. Yiu,

    In this summer holiday, I felt very enriched. Although I didn’t go to any country but is the best summer holiday I had never had.

    During this summer, there was just 3 words, homework, homework and homework. Every day I just stay in home and do homework, and eat instant noodle for lunch. I did my homework pretty fast, I finished in July and had nothing to do in August.

    Suddenly, in August I had a camp that in a company called YMCA. This camp was for 4 days, I met many new friends and teachers. Although there was no one that I knew but they would friendly invite me to be the same room with them. We went to Cheung Chau and there was a lot of missions to earn points, at last our group won !! I also played basketball with the teacher, we played after we went to Cheung Chau about 9:00p.m. to 12:00a.m. There were just 7 teachers and I to play basketball, we played happily.

    The day before school day, my friends and I went to Superpark to celebrate my birthday. 6 of my friends include Bernice, Jamie, Enid, Stephanie, Charlene and Osanna had come, my mom also went in. We played from 1:30p.m. to 5:30p.m., we also played video game together. I was happy that they all gave me birthday presents that were useful. We don’t even want to leave, because the other day was school day.

    This was my best summer holiday I had never had. I will never forget this lovely summer holiday !!

    Carina Lai 6B 14


  18. Dear Ms Carmen,

    In my summer holiday, I went on vacation twice, stayed home, went on summer course, school team training, did my summer holiday homework, played with my sister, watch television……

    As you know most of the children in HK will go travel during summer holiday. For me, I went to Vietnam and Guangzhou. In Vietnam the city was poor and technology was low, but we still had a good resort to stay in. It was about 8 meters from the beach, the scenery was so beautiful. We swam all day long, also I got to fly a kite, I successfully flew the kite, I was really satisfied. My family and I went for 5 days, back at the city I even ate durian, it was so delicious.

    On my second vacation, I went to Guangzhou. There wasn’t many things for kids to play at, but there was a giant water park, there Were water slides, 4D Cinema movies, jacuzzi……I had a lot of fun there. Besides that I also visit my family members.

    After vacation, of course I could not forget my summer holiday homework.I did it quickly and watch TV and pay with my sister. Also, I went back to school for extra school team training, such , athletics and Lego robotics. I work hard whenever í am thinking of a program for Lego robotics. Besides school team training, I also went to practice fencing for the coming year competition.

    It has been a marvelous and fantastic summer holiday, I am looking forward to next year’s summer holiday!


  19. Dear Mrs. Pradhan
    I had an amazing summer this year.
    Well, July was not that awesome. I went to a harp competition and a three-day golf tournament in Sai Kung but got no prizes and also went swimming every day and that is literally it.
    But my trip to Singapore and Indonesia was the best. We flew to Singapore and caught a glimpse of the waterfall attraction inside the airport. Also, we went to a museum full of interesting things! There was a part about Alice in Wonderland, art and technology and air balloons with a lot of fun activities.
    But still. the best part is in Bintan Island. I played stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, snorkeling and flying trapeze and was able to do knee hang. Too bad it was raining on the second and third day, so we could not go to the super smooth, amazingly beautiful beach that is full of fishes.
    That’s pretty much of my summer holiday.
    Lyris Chan
    15th September, 2019


  20. Dear Mrs. Pradhan,
    This summer, I went to America and Canada. The first stop was Yellowstone national park, and when we waited at the entrance (in our car), me and my family saw a actual black bear! So it was a great start to our vacation.
    Then the second day we hiked up to Fairy Falls, and saw the Yellowstone Caldera from there, it actually looked like a rainbow! Then as we were going back to our hotel, we saw herds of bison grazing on the fields.
    So the next day, we went to the Yellowstone museum, and I learned that during 1889, the poaching was so serious that only a few dozen bison were left, now the population has grown and there are more than 5000 bison in Yellowstone national park nowadays!
    So, for our next stop we went to Canada, Jasper national park and we only stayed for a day, but in the afternoon we went riding and we rode for 8 km!! We saw elks along the river, and it was a awesome experience, then in the evening we went rowing along the lake and it was awesome.
    Then we went back to America and visited the headquarters for Microsoft and Amazon, We even were able to have lunch and visit the offices of Microsoft, since we knew a friend from google who knew a friend from Microsoft, well it’s a small world.
    Then, it was time to go home, I went home on the plane watching Marvel movies, and thinking how my Christmas was going to be.
    Vanessa Wang
    6D(26) Group Potter


  21. Dear Ms Pradahn,

    My summer holiday was a blast! I spent most of the time with my family and friends. I also went traveling. I went to America with my mom and Thailand with friends and their family members!

    I went to The Great Valley for camping and it was so much fun! We shared a camping car with two other Taiwanese girls and they were so kind to us! We shared snacks and spent a night together. We went to different places for sight seeing. The scenic spots in America were spectacular. But my favourite part of the trip was visiting Disneyland! We spent three days there and it was such a magical experience! The staffs were all so nice and always there to help. I only got to take a few rides since I was too scared. Yet, I still enjoyed the food a lot! I spent the rest of the trip in Los Angeles. The food there was so nice! I would rate this trip a ten out of ten!

    After my trip to America, I finished all my homework in Hong Kong while getting ready for my second trip to Thailand!

    Summer holiday wouldn’t feel complete without going for a swim, right? So I spent some time in Thailand swimming shopping and eating! Although I only spend four days In Thailand, I will never forget about it!

    I had so much fun in this summer holiday, and I’m looking forward to the next one!


  22. Dear Ms Poon,

    In the summer holiday,I went to Thailand with my family.We went there for six days.This is the second time I went to Thailand.In my memory,Thailand is a very hot,but very relaxing place.
    The first time when I go Thailand,I go with my friends. all of us feel very happy about the trip.
    The first day,we went to the water park,in the water park,there is many slides.And there is a lazy river,it is the most interesting part in the whole water park.I just love playing it.In the end of the lazy river,there is a big bucket of water,and when it become full the water would poor down.It is a very exciting game!
    The second day,we went to shopping,at the morning we had a yummy breakfast.then we went to the shopping mall.My mom and dad went to buy things and me and my brother went to play video games.We spend a whole day there.
    For the other days we visited some museum and some malls.
    This is my summer holiday.


  23. Dear Mrs Pradhan,
    I had a joyful holiday, although I didn’t went travelling, but this holiday is still memorable. I mostly spend my holiday at home, doing homework, but I also play while doing my homework. So that explains why I finish my homework that late.

    It was the last day of school, also the first day of holiday to me. I finished my SLC (I am the first one), then I went to New Town Plaza to watch a movie with Jaydee and Victoria. (We watched Spider-Man: Far From Home, in case you’re wondering). We had a great time watching the movie but sadly, the good times passes faster for some reason, we left the plaza and went home.

    For the rest of the holiday, I didn’t really do much activities, except doing homework and playing with random things I can find at home. Every Fridays and Saturdays, I would go to learn Math and piano, also a reason to go out and play before I go home and do homework for the rest of the day. I always like to lie down on the couch and struggle with homework, because for some reason, I think lying down is the best way to calm myself down. (Other than trying to keep myself awake)

    But let’s look at the bright side of my summer holiday. I did spend time with my family and friends, especially with my mom. In the middle of my holiday,I went to watch Toy-Story 4, that movie was emotional in my opinion. Near the end of the holiday, I went to see my friend and went to a small arcade in Tai Ko. (I think it’s called fantasy island). We had lunch together, then went to the arcade, lastly we went back home and enjoyed the rest of our holidays. To seal this wonderful memory of my holiday, me and my mom went to see another movie. Which is Angry Bird The Movie 2, it feels a little childish but it is still hilarious to me.

    I think this holiday was memorable and boring at the same time. I can keep doing my homework and play at the same time, (although I don’t advise doing that). I am also able to watch 3 movies in this holiday, which is quite entertaining for me. This holiday also made me understand that holidays doesn’t have to include travelling to be fun. So if you are disappointed that you’re not going on vacation, don’t be, because maybe you can find and / or invent a new game at home just because you’re bored.

    Nicole Cheng 6A (05)


  24. Dear Miss Yiu,
    During the past summer holiday, I did not go to any vacation because my mom and dad were too busy. I just stayed at Hong Kong but I also had fun! I finished my holiday homework before August.

    I always had basketball training in this one and a half month. Especially in August, I had many training in this month. I almost had training three to four times a week and some athletic training at school. Each training was two to three hours. It was tough, but I enjoyed.

    My most happiest and enjoyable day was playing with six of my best friends. Which were Enid, Jamie, Stephanie, Carina, Osanna, and Charlene. We went to Super Park at Olympian City to celebrate Carina´s birthday! We played a lot of things, such as ball games, shooting, catch and others. When we took a rest, we played Brawl Star together. At last, we all gave the present that we bought to Carina. She was very happy and I also want to thanks Carina´s mom, because she stayed at Super Park and accompanied us to play. What a happy holiday!



  25. In my summer holiday, I had finished all my holiday homework at the very beginning of the summer holiday. But my parents were not free to go to ant place to travel. So in the summer holiday I just stay in Hong Kong.
    But my parent and I know that I can’t just look at the clock tick-tacking every day. I have to enjoy it. So before the summer holiday, my parent went to the community center. And help me to join some activities such as, rock climbing, drawing, camping, basketball, tennis, fencing, piano … Well… I did enjoy most of them! Other than joining community center’s activities. I also went to my best friend’s home to sleep over (two nights).I like it very much! I really went to stay there more days…
    In the summer holiday, I really wanted the time can go faster because I really miss my class and teacher. But went it starts the school, I hate it because the assessment comes, the homework comes, the test comes… Everything that I hate comes!
    All of all I would never forget this last primary school summer holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

  26. I think my summer holiday is very happy. I have some homework, but not a lot. I finished it early.
    My family and I went to Inner Mongolia and Shenzhen during the summer holiday. I transferred from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, so I have a home in Shenzhen. In Inner Mongolia, my family and I went to see the prairie, lived in Mongolian yurts, and ate roast mutton… I went back to Shenzhen mainly to learn dancing skills. In the evening, my mother would go home. During the day, I was alone, so what I want to do after class is free. I spent most of my time in Hong Kong, basically playing games, reading books, doing homework, watching TV…
    I’ve been doing what I like this summer holiday, so I think I’ve had a good time.


  27. Wolfie. ( Scarlett).

    What I did in my summer holiday.
    In my summer holiday I wanted to lose weight,so my dad took me to a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai (Thailand). It was super fun!

    I met lots of new friends. People there came from different places in the world, people from Australia, people from New Zealand, people from the USA, and even people who came from Columbia ! It was so relaxing, every single day we got two yoga practises, and we can also do some extra activities like games drawing and stuff.

    What made it enjoyable is that people there are so nice, they won’t mind talking to you for the whole day, I had a good time chatting with them.

    But, time flies, nine days later I left the yoga retreat. It was a relief spending so much time in the retreat, it was definitely worth it.


  28. Dear Mrs.Poon

    Although I did not go to any special places like Taiwan,France,Spain,China,UK,Italy,Turkey
    ,Mexico,Russia,USA,UK,North Pole and South Pole,plus Ice land.But staying in Hong Kong is not boring .
    Like this fabulous summer holiday this year[2019] had made me a lot of activities to do,just like snorking,hiking,swimming.And a lot more activities just like going to a tour at the famous Hong Kong space museum or science museum.
    Well,when the summer holiday start,i finished all of my homework rapidly in 6 days.
    Then i went to snorking,hiking and swimming with my dad 1-2 times a week.And rest of the time what i did is playing games reading and visiting my grandma,grandpa,grandfather and grandmother.[LOL].
    Although there were rally,violence in Hong Kong,I still felt that this was the best summer


  29. Dear Mrs. Poon,
    In my summer holiday I wanted to lose weight,so my dad took me to a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai (Thailand). It was super fun!

    I met lots of new friends. People there came from different places in the world, people from Australia, people from New Zealand, people from the USA, and even people who came from Columbia ! It was so relaxing, every single day we got two yoga practises, and we can also do some extra activities like games drawing and stuff.

    What made it enjoyable is that people there are so nice, they won’t mind talking to you for the whole day, I had a good time chatting with them.

    But, time flies, nine days later I left the yoga retreat. It was a relief spending so much time in the retreat, it was definitely worth it.


  30. 6A15,Lee VictoriaYan Yee
    This summer I went to a trip,Australia in August I love and enjoy it so much, of course I did some of my homework before I go.
    I love to play and chat with my family over the trip, but I it really tired. Everyday we went to buy snacks such as chips and candies.
    But then I found the I brought my Chinese book to the trip and I did not finish my Chinese book report so in the middle of the trip, I have to work really hard to finish my Chinese book report before I can play everyday again.
    Lastly, I felt that it was an amazing and awesome summer I hope that I can be that relax every summer,but then when I fight back to Hong Kong I almost sleep for 4 hours in the morning!!


  31. Zita Lai 6A(13)
    My summer holiday was fun , I went to Okinawa for five days .
    The first day that I in Okinawa was sunny , we went to America Village to find our hotel to put down our luggage.Then we went out to shopping and play clip doll machine , it was easier to catch the doll than HongKong ,after that we went to eat our dinner , it was very yummy!
    The second day , we went to Cape Manzamo , it is a scenic rock formation on Okinawa Island . Then we go to Busena Marine park under water observatory tower to see the fish and when I take the photo of the fish , the fish looked at the camera , also the sea in there was very clear and blue.
    The third day , we went to Motobu Genki Village to swim with the dolphin , it was very fun , and this was my first time to swim and play with dolphin so closely ,their skin was very smooth and hard, this is so unforgottable.
    The forth day , we go to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium , there had many special fish , and I saw a great dolphin show ,also there have some very big turtle .
    The fifth day , we went to a shopping mall to eat conveyor belt sushi , it was very special ,because when you eat five plate of sushi you maybe can get a capsule . After that we went to the airport , in the airport I played twisting machine and clip doll machine . Then we went back HongKong.
    This was an unforgottable trip.


  32. Conan Ho 6A 07
    In my summer holiday, i did not went to another places and i just stay in Hong Kong. Its fun too!
    At first, i quickly finish my holiday homework so i can be free and not always care about it. I finished it around one to two days.
    Then, i went to play football almost every day because i need to have training and ready for a competition so i worked very very hard at it. Although it was hot and sunny, i still need to train. It fells exhausted but its still fun too!!!
    After days of training until weekend, i went to my friend’s house to play and have a sleepover too! We played alot of games like fortnite, Brawl Stars, Roblox and more we also it delicous sushi for dinner too!
    Next, i and my old friends went to a big funcourse to have fun. There are many games like xbox, nintendo switch, hoverboards, ball pool, and football games! At first i don’t know how to ride a hoverboard. Until a coach taught me that i need to get the balance of it then i got it very quick and we also play tricks with it too! After that, we eat dinner together with my friends and we are very happy!
    At last, although we did not go to another places, we have lots of fun in Hong Kong too!!!!!

    Send a message


  33. In summers the weather in is very hot. My school closes down for two months. While it is fun to go to school, I enjoy my long summer vacation too.
    During my vacation, as the temperature reaches a high of 31 degrees Celsius, I like making delicious and desert . I enjoy having cool drinks. So my brother and I join my mother in making sherbet with berries and fruits. It is fun to make. We love to drink sweet sherbet with chilled water. We also make lemonade with fresh lime. These drinks help us feel cool and refreshed.
    I also like to make burger with cheese, tomatoes and onions during meals in summer time. I like to chop the vegetables in creative ways and in different shapes. It is equally creative to arrange the burger on serving plates.
    I also love reading Hindi literature during the holidays.


    During my summer holiday , I went to China for having a dancing training. After the training, I went sightseeing without my family because they didn’t join with me.
    So, I have a lot of fun with my friends.

    During my summer holiday, I hung out with my friends. We went to the Ocean Park for a whole day. We also went shopping and ate a lot of food in a big shopping mall too.

    I really have a lot of fun and enjoy spending a lot of time to stay with my family.




  35. Dear Mrs.Poon

    In summer holiday i had so much fun!

    At first me,my mom and my little sister Maya went to japan.Me and Maya went to japanese school and learn japanese,it was so much fun and i had a lot of experience there!In japan school we don’t have uniform,and when we went to school we need to change our shoes into a shoe that we can wear in the school.

    After school,i will come home very early because our home is super close to the school.I will quickly wash my hands and play with the cat in japan,i will also play switch with Maya.Sometimes my uncle will come and play with us,so we will play with him switch too.

    When we went back to hong kong we did our homework.

    From Leah


  36. During my holiday I was just playing brawl stars and rush wars and when i play brawl stars im pushing my mortis to 700 but i just pushed it to 600:C so i decided to push my primo but when i pushed to 749 btw almost rank 25 i tilted my primo so i changed to bull and i pushed to 00 and barley i was playing vault defender and i got like 30 boxes and i got his another star power extra noxious so i pushed barley in heist then i pushed frank to 600 at brawl ball and there are fast games lie 30-60 second games and some of the games are 90 seconds even some are 22 seconds then i pushed most of by brawler to 550 trophies i juts didn´t push 8-bit rosa colt jessie bo tick tara bibi and pam and when im playing rush wars i used pitchers and gorillas to attack other peoples base and i suck alot at rush wars and i pushed 100+ stars and i was happy so i changed to clash royale and i pushed my mini to 4000 trophies


  37. Dear Ms. Carmen

    My summer break is quite bored
    First, on Thursday and Friday, I need to go to school for training the Taiwan competition,I train for many hours, my lego car is improving, I non stop change the program and the car make it not overweight, in that two days there was a moment is so good, that is the lunchtime, I ate an omelet and pork spaghetti.

    It was not too happy to go school, but I think if I had work hard I can get a good result even get an award


  38. Dear Mrs. Pradhan,
    During my summer holidays, I went to Australia for around a month. It was a fun and satisfying experience and I really enjoyed it.
    During the time I spent in Australia, I visited my grandparents’ home and had dinner there a few times. We usually ate Chinese food for dinner but sometimes we would eat food from a different culture. Dinner was always delicious and it tasted very nice.
    Also, I went over to my cousins’ house to play. We played PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) a lot and it was really fun. We won a few times and sometimes lost. When we had gotten bored of playing our phones, we played some board games. The board games included Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit and more. When it was dinner time, we had barbecued steak and some stir-fried asparagus. We also mixed some fruit juice and sparkling water to make fruit punch to drink and it tasted very sweet but it was still tasty.
    After this amazing trip, we went back to Hong Kong. When we arrived back at home, I quickly finished my homework so that I could play more of my phone.
    This summer holiday was fun and I am looking forward for my next one!


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