Easter Holiday Homework

A biography is a book that describes the life of someone famous. It is the true story of a person’s life. The person you choose may be living or dead and may be famous for any reason (sports personality, president, business, arts, sciences, or they have made a difference in the world in some way).  

For this Biography Book Report blog entry, you will read a biography of your choice. You can choose a paper book of your choice or you can choose one from the following resources – 

1) Epic books – http://www.getepic.com

2) Tumblebooks – https://www.tumblebooklibrary.com/auto_login.aspx?u=hkbaptist&p=reads

Here are some guidelines for your blog entry –

1) In your blog entry, mention the book that you have read – it’s title and author.

2) Write and TYPE THREE PARAGRAPHS describing this person’s life in detail. These paragraphs are to summarize this person’s WHOLE life, from their birth until death (or until where they are today). You can plan the paragraphs as follows –

Paragraph 1: Describe when and where they were born. Then, describe their CHILDHOOD.

Paragraph 2: Describe their life events, education, and profession. (15 years of age to adulthood).

Paragraph 3: Describe WHAT made them famous, the EFFECT of what they did/still do, and WHY it is still important today.

We’d love to hear about who inspires you.

The Historically Challenged Sixth Grade Teachers

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  1. Orbit: Steve Jobs by: CW cookie

    Steve jobs was born in 1966 at san francisco, california and was adopted by Paul and Clara jobs, and lived a happy childhood (for some reason the book wrote “happily childhood”)

    Steve Jobs went to school at homestead high school located at Cuperto, California as his taste for technology grew every day. After that, he went to reed college for a semester which he then worked for a video game company called Atari. He founded Apple and got kicked out of the company, but then he founded another company called NeXT, which sold expensive computers which those who could afford loved the computer. He then purchased another company called the graphics group which is now known as pixar. They were unsuccessful until they started working on films, and then they started partnering with disney. Apple then bought his NeXT company for $429 million, putting him back into his former CEO position in the company

    What made him famous was mainly Apple, and his innovations. Nowadays, apple devices are still very powerful compared to others and a lot of people have at least one apple device. It is still important today because Pixar for example still exists to entertain small children when they want to watch movies and has made a lot of animation movies.


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